Welcome to fabulous Kavos Ink

The place where your dreams come true

What can you expect from us ?

A really nice and clean tattoo applied by a professional tattoo artist following our high standards for a normal price. Check out our pictures to see for yourself.

Where do you find us ?

At the Main Street across the Tex Mex Restaurant and next to Riders Bike Hire in beautiful Kavos Corfu.

Is it possible to do a Walk In?

Yes of course it is possible to do a Walk In , when the artist(s) have time for you he/she will help you direct.

Is it possible to get a appointment? And is it possible to make a appointment before arrival?

Yes it is possible to get a appointment to get your tattoo. And yes you can get a appointment before arrival. How? Send us a message on our Socials, walk in the shop, send us a email or send us a Whatsapp .

How to get in contact with us?